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High/Low Pressure Separation Vessels

Global Vessel & Tank offers two- and three-phase gas separators to meet any application your company requires. Sizes range from 12-inch to 120-inch and weights up to 80,000 pounds. We manufacture separators constructed as vertical or horizontal with operating pressures from 50 psig to 5000 psig. We offer industry standard units and can also custom design gas separators to meet your engineered specifications.

While separators are utilized to remove and collect liquids from natural gas, a properly designed unit will also provide for the release of entrained gasses from the accumulated hydrocarbon liquids. Our separators are designed to separate the well-stream into liquid-free gas and gas-free liquid. Ideally, the gas and liquids reach some state of equilibrium at the existing conditions of pressure and temperature within the vessel. As it is generally not economically justifiable to separate to the state of true equilibrium, Global Vessel & Tank uses industry standards as to liquid retention time for solution gas break-out and liquid carry-over in the gas have been set – typically with two- or three-minute retention times.

Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet