Project Description

Applications for our indirect line heaters vary from heating of natural gas to the heating of sour crude – providing a reliable resource in the processing of petroleum products.

These units are designed to heat a gas or oil stream contained in high pressure flow coils that are immersed in a liquid bath to receive heat indirectly from a fire tube. The heater shell operates at atmospheric pressure and houses a fuel gas preheat coil and connections for a thermometer, temperature controller, drain and fill cap. The flow coils and fire tube are welded into the flanged shell ends and inserted independently into opposite ends of the vessel – allowing for easy removal and replacement without interfering with each other.

Indirect line heaters are normally installed upstream of surface production equipment to preheat the well stream and prevent the formation of natural gas/water hydrates associated with pressure reduction. Line heaters also ensure good gas/liquid separation by elevating inlet temperatures.

Flow coils are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet your specific heat transfer and pressure drop requirements.

Spec Sheet