Project Description

Our JT NGL Extraction/Hydrocarbon Dew Point Extraction units are designed to recover valuable hydrocarbon liquids while also preparing the gas to meet required pipeline specifications.

These operator-friendly units are utilized for high-pressure remote well service where common-point gas gathering facilities are not available. Our JT units are self-contained and compact – minimizing use of valuable space and providing easy access.

The JT unit condenses and removes the heavier component hydrocarbon in the inlet gas stream and reduces the GPM (gallons of liquefiable hydrocarbon per Mscf) content – thus reducing the temperature at which free natural gas liquids might form. The amount of natural gas liquids (NGLs) recovered is a function of the gas composition, pressure, temperature and pressure drop available across the JT valve. These NGLs – if not effectively reduced – make the produced natural gas undesirable for pipeline transportation and commercial use.

Out JT units consist of an inlet gas/outlet gas exchanger, inlet gas/NGL exchanger, temperature-controlled hot gas bypass control, JT expansion valve, methanol pump and an NGL recovery separator.

Spec Sheet