Project Description

Global Vessel & Tank designs and manufactures highly efficient glycol dehydration units to remove water from your natural gas stream.

As dehydration is the most economical and widely used method to dry natural gas streams, our units can save your company time and money.

Our glycol dehydration units are a combination of components including an inlet gas scrubber, contactor tower, glycol re-boiler, still column, heat exchangers and glycol pump. The dehydration of natural gas is required to prevent formation of hydrates and condensation of free liquids in processing and transportation facilities. Hydrate formation in natural gas streams can cause damage to surface equipment and instruments – and may also restrict or stop pipeline flow. That’s why it is so important to remove water vapor from natural gas streams.

The dehydration of natural gas also reduces the possibility of the presence of free water in the pipeline. Water will cause corrosion and accumulate at low places in the transportation system, restricting flow and occupying valuable pipeline space.

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