Project Description

Our blow cases provide an economical method for collecting fluids at low pressure, then utilizing high pressure gas to dispel the fluid into a higher pressure system without using a pump.

Blow cases can save your company considerable money, since they require no electricity and are typically much less expensive than pumps.

The blow case allows liquid to gravity feed into the vessel until it reaches a point where pressure is automatically introduced. High pressure gas then dispels the fluid from the bottom of the vessel into a pipeline or tank. This continues until the level of the liquid in the blow case reaches a specified low point. The cycle then repeats itself automatically.

Some of the most common applications for blow cases include transferring fluid from low pressure separators into collection lines; the collection of compressor skid drain liquids; and collecting glycol re-concentrator condensation that can then be transferred to storage tanks. Blow cases may also be installed as emergency backup instead of pumps.